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Urine Bag

Material: Medical Grade PVC

Capacity: 1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml, Customizable

Packing: PE package

Usage: Collection urine


2000ml, without valve, with push valve, Screw Valve and Suspensory

1. The Urine Bag is made from PVC in medical grade.  It consists of bag, connecting tube, taper connector, bottom outlet and handle  
2. It is intended to use with an indwelling catheter in persons who are incontinent of urine, can not urinate in the normal way, or need to have the bladder flow continually
3. Four types: screw valve, pushing valve, without valve, Suspensory



1. Compact System minimises the risk for contamination from the floor.
2. Special Contour Shape for even filling & complete drainage of urine.
3. Bag with Measuring Volume from 25 ml and scaled in 100 ml increments up to 2000 ml capacity.
4. Large Lumen, Smooth and Kink Resistant Tubing is easy to milk and ensure unrestricted flow of urine.
5. Inlet Tube in 150 cm Long with Optimum Hardness permits quick drainage without kinking problem.
6. Tapered Connector facilitates the immediate leak-proof connection of catheter with the drainage set.
7. Air Vent secures constant airflow through the system.
8. Needle Free Sampling Port protects nurses from needle stick injuries for contamination prevention and
9. Non-return Valve prevents residual urine backflow.
10. Universal Double-Hook and Rope Hanger for great fixation flexibility for use on all bed types.
11. Single-hand Operated Bottom Outlet facilitates extremely fast emptying of the urine bag.

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