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Manual Resuscitater Ambu Bag

In 100% pure liquid silicon material:

Standard set: 1 mask, 1 resuscitator bag, 1 valve set, 1 oxygen reservior bag, 1 oxygen in 2meters long

Resuscitator specifications: 1400ml for adult, 550ml for child, and 350ml for infant

Oxygen reservior specifications: 2900ml for adult, 2900ml for child, and 810ml for infant


Applicable for adult, child and infant, and reusable as it is in silicon, all parts adopt eco-friendly material, and are in high quality, conforming to international standards such as ISO13485, and CE.

It is designed specifically to meet the ERC's 2006 tidal volume guidelines.

Textured bag provides positive grip, even when wet.

360 angle swivel for ease of use with facemask or endotracheal tube

Child and infant bags complete with 40cm H2O safety pressure release

Available to adult bag upon request

Excellent recoil recovery following bag compression

Clear non-breathing valve

Transparent material allows internal visibility

Latex free

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