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Wound Skin Closure

The device consists of medical adhesive tape, a pair of polypropylene hasps liner. The tape is porous nonwoven or PU film polypropylene hasps that is designed to allow for a non-invasive closure of a wound and to encourage a tight closure of the wound for an early and successful healing. It is a new technique that can reduces tissue trauma, improves patient comfort and possible causes less scarring after healing.    



Precise and unique structure design ensures the convenience operation and sufficient closing force when pulling.


Polypropylene Hasps:

Self-locked structure design ensures the ribbon will not be loosened during the treatment.

It can be tightened gradually, especially for the edema wounds.

Made of special poly material, provides strong closure force.


Medical Adhesive Tape:

Air-permeable and perfect bio compatibility ensures the devices placed on human skin for long period.

Strong and Stable holding power provides enough strength to close the wound.

180 peel strength ensures peeling easily without any glue residue.

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