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Gauze Swabs

100% cotton, 40s/30x20,40s/26x18, 40s/19x15, 40s/20x12, 40s/12x18 or other, that can be in requirements of clients.

1. 100% cotton, after degreasing and bleaching, white and soft, whiteness >=80 A, with very strong absorbency, easy to cut.

2. Good quality, high liquid absorbency, =3-5 seconds

3. Strictly conforming to BP, EUP, USP standards

4. Less floss, no thrums, so it can reduce the danger of wound being touched badly.

5. No fluorescer, non-poisonous, non-irritating, no toxic, no stimulation, and No sensitization

6. Available in various sizes, easy to use.

7. In different packing: with or without X-ray detectable threads

8. For disposable use, expiring time: 5years


Product Parameters

Sterile or non-sterile;

with X-ray or no X-ray thread.


Gauze Swabs are made of 100% cotton, and are all folded by machine in amicrobic environment. The product are  soft and adherent with super absorbdncy, so it is perfect for absorbing blood ang exudates.

It is widely used to clean and cover minor wounds, to absorb secretion and to treat secondary healing wounds.

It can be used to clean or cover minor wounds, to absorb light exudate.

It can be used for absorbing during surgical operation after sterilize. 

Type-1: Non-sterile, with hem or no hem, with X-ray or no X-ray, 100pcs/bag

100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×122″×2″-8Ply100pcs/bag5000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×122″×2″-12Ply100pcs/bag8000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×123″×3″-8Ply100pcs/bag4000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×123″×3″-12Ply100pcs/bag4000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×124″×4″-8Ply100pcs/bag2000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×124″×4″-12Ply100pcs/bag2000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×124″×4″-16Ply100pcs/bag2000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×128″×4″-8Ply100pcs/bag1000PCS/case
100%Cotton 40S×40S/20×128″×4″-24Ply100pcs/bag500PCS/case

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