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We will strengthen the core competitiveness of manufacturing

May. 06, 2022

At present, the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry is mainly in the second level, and is climbing to the third and fourth level. Based on long-term industrial accumulation, many developed countries have mastered many high-end production processes and enjoy first-mover and in-place advantages. As a latecomer, it is very difficult for China to break through the barriers formed by these advantages in a comprehensive way in the short term, which has also become the short board and constraint factors for the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.

To further enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing, we need to pay attention to the following key issues.

First, we should grasp the relationship between scale and competitiveness. For a long time, China's industrial development has been shown to be a scale expansion model, the super-large scale does produce further supporting advantages to a certain extent, but in the new stage of development, we should see the complex relationship between scale and competitiveness. For many industries, even high-tech industries, if all localities rush in and expand too fast, it may lead to high-tech, low-benefit and "loss-making" situations. Therefore, it is very important to form the industrial development pattern of dislocation division of labor in various places, avoid excessive competition, and achieve the unity of improving efficiency and enhancing innovation ability through moderate scale growth.

Second, we need to strike a balance between emerging and traditional industries. Some people believe that traditional manufacturing industry belongs to low-end industry without core competitiveness, while only emerging manufacturing industry, high-tech and high value-added manufacturing industry is high-end industry. In fact, many traditional manufacturing industries have high upgrading value and space. Especially in recent years, digital and intelligent transformation has brought new competitiveness and development space to traditional industries. At the same time, both nationally and globally, the scale and demand of high-end industries such as information technology and intelligent manufacturing are limited. If every place is crowded on these "race tracks" with fierce competition, the final benefits are not necessarily better than focusing on the development of traditional industries. Therefore, how to develop manufacturing industry suitable for local resource endowment is a problem that needs to be solved in all regions.

Third, we should attach great importance to the problem of "people". Having a large number of high-quality labor force has always been one of the important competitive advantages of China's manufacturing industry, but in recent years, many enterprises have appeared the situation of talent shortage. In general, a large number of employed people prefer to work in factories rather than in service industries. To solve this problem, in addition to carry out the education training and build the culture atmosphere of advocating industry, but also as much as possible to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing level and improve the level of labor remuneration, accordingly make manufacturing pay is significantly higher than the same condition of other industries, this is to attract high-quality talent into the real economy development and enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry important condition.

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