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Application of Urine Bag

Urine bag, also called drainage bag, is a widely used medical supplies, according to the hanging form classification: bed hanging, leg hanging, waist hanging.

According to the classification of the form of discharge, it can be divided into single pass (that is, without the discharge valve) and double pass (with the discharge valve).

Urine bag is a necessity for many patients in the recovery period, as well as many old people when the urination function degrades.

Now commonly used can be divided into ordinary type and precise type. The common type is the disposable urine bag commonly used in hospitals, the capacity is generally 1000ml, a day.

Simple packaging. Precision urine bag is generally used by seriously ill patients who must strictly and accurately record urine volume. The capacity is about 3000ml and the longest replacement time cannot exceed 1 week.

In addition, attention must be paid to the use of urine bags, which must be kept below the patient's indwelling urethral fistula to avoid infection caused by urine reflux. Urine bags should be fixed, so as not to pull the urethral tube out when turning over. Urinary tube should be replaced regularly in strict accordance with the doctor's requirements, do a good job of nursing, do not pollute.

Application of Urine Bag

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